Dream Teams

“If you are not serving in your church, then it is not really your church. Just a place that you go” - Steven Furtick.

This quote is so true. When God changes your life through a local church there is a fire that burns deep inside to help facilitate the vision of that house. As people serve on a monthly basis connections begin to form and people begin to grow. It is not the pastor, your Dream Team leader or even the Dream Team Coordinator that you are serving, but God.

  “Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people. Remember that the Lord will give you an inheritance as your reward, and that the Master you are serving is Christ.” 

Colossians 3:23-24.


  • Guest Experience Team

    It is often said that guests decide within the first 5 minutes if they are going to come back to a church or not. The Welcome Team plays a very important role in greeting everyone who walks through our doors. We want to make sure that guests feel welcome here. The welcome team greets at the front doors and hand out bulletins just inside the sanctuary before each experience.

  • Parking Lot Team

    Be the first to welcome guests as soon as they arrive, answer any questions people might have, help them feel comfortable from the moment they get here.

  • White Stone Coffee

    Our favorite hang out before and after church. Take time to relax and  indulge in one of our many drink options: from coffee and tea to italian sodas and granitas.

  • Nursery

    Our nurseries are filled with sweet babies and toddlers during each worship experience.  We take this time very seriously and want to help establish a solid foundation in Christ as we are the first ones to be able to share in their journey aside from family. In room 2 (0-18 months) we snuggle and play with the babies as we speak blessings over them and their futures. Then we shed a tear as they move on to room 3 (ages 19-36 months) where they have snack, free play, a Bible Lesson from the Bible App for Kids and worship. 

  • Production

    Our creative team includes running sound, manning a camera, running the lights for every experience, helping with Pro Presenter, which displays the song lyrics and scriptures for each experience. Our mentality is that if the world can be so great with technology and draw people, then we want to use technology to the best of our abilities to draw people to Jesus.

  • Preschool

    Our preschool classrooms are made up of ages 3-5. Each experience we provide our preschoolers with power packed Bible lessons from The Bible App for Kids. This curriculum includes worship, a Bible lesson, practical ways to apply the Bible for a preschooler and activities for parents to do with their kiddos throughout the week to reinforce what they are learning in class. What a pivotal time in a child's life as they are soaking up God's word like a sponge. 


    Our usher team is here not only to take up the offering, but to also assist people with seating in the sanctuary, answer questions, and last but not least assist Pastor Larry.

  • Elementary

    Our elementary group is made up of grades K-5. We have activities, praise and worship and then small group breakout sessions. We teach the word of God in a way that is relevant to each age group.

  • Stephen Ministry

    Acts 6:1-7 talks about how the church was being multiplied, but some were being neglected. We don’t want that to be the case in our church today. This ministry team is set aside to make meals and meal preparations for those expereinceing the loss of an immediate family member or the arrival of a new baby. 

  • Power Up Plus

    Power Up Plus is our Kids ministry for students in the 4th - 6th grade. On Sunday mornings they meet in the Power Up Auditorium to worship with the Elementary students. Then they go over to meet in the Rise Up Auditorium for more age targeted Bible study, skits and activities. This Dream Team does an excellent job of incorporating the students in the interactive study of God’s word.